Camps & Clubs


Danebod Family Camps

A group dedicated to educational seminars designed to cultivate social skills.

Originally conceived as a training camp for leaders, Danebod Family Camps have evolved into a unique experience that celebrates the Grundtvigian spirit in a week long camp designed for people of all ages. The purpose of the camp as stated in their guidelines is "to foster personal growth or development, to awaken participants to realize their potential as human beings, and to cultivate the art of 'how to live'. These purposes are best attained in an atmosphere of freedom of thought, mutual trust and concern, in an environment that accepts people for what they are -- regardless of age, race, sex, color or creed and in situations where lasting fellowship and friendship are created through personal interaction in group discussion, song, dance, crafts and games." Holding three one-week sessions during the summer vacation months at the Danebod campus in Tyler, Minnesota, the camps offer an opportunity for a true "family" vacation. Visit their site for more information.

Viking Age Club and Society S/N

An educational association designed to expose people to life in Scandinavia during the Viking Era

The purpose of the Viking Age Club is to educate people about every day life in Scandinavia during the time of the Vikings. The club is particularly focused on preserving and teaching the arts and craft skills of the period. The Club participates in Scandinavian events with a Viking encampment where the arts, crafts and skills are demonstrated. For more information, contact Dennis Rusinko at 612-789-2272. Visit their site for more information.