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Rebild National Park Society

An apolitical association founded to acknowledge the success of Danish immigrants in the New World.

This apolitical association was started by two Danish immigrant brothers in 1912. Their purpose was to acknowledge, in Denmark, the success they and thousands of their countrymen had found in their "New World" home.

They made the original purchase of Rebild Bakker, the beautiful heather covered hills near Aalborg and deeded it over to the Danish government with the stipulation that the site be used for commemoration of American Independence Day, July 4.

It requires much effort and hours of hard work by many local chapters of the Rebild Society to put this international program together each year. The Upper Midwest Chapter has been very active in this effort, as well as providing significant support to the national Rebild Scholarship Fund. Visit their site for more information.


Danish Sisterhood of America

Membership in the Danish Sisterhood will give you an opportunity to learn more about Danish customs and traditions.

The Danish Sisterhood of America was organized in 1883 in Negaunee, Michigan. In early years, the lodges were organized to provide social and financial aid to fellow Danish countrymen in their new country and the original concept was to create a funeral benefit, which benefit still exist today along with other categories of membership. Today's Danish Sisterhood has a total of 52 lodges with approximately 2000 members throughout the United States and Canada.

Membership in the Danish Sisterhood will give you an opportunity to learn more about Danish customs and traditions. The benefits include a monthly national newsletter, and by belonging to a lodge you will have the opportunity to enjoy camaraderie and sharing of a common interest. The Danish Sisterhood is open to EVERYONE (men, women and children) who is interested in the Danish heritage.

Should you have an interest in joining the Danish Sisterhood of America or have any questions, please check out the website at


Affiliated Groups

NAAM - Netherlands American Association Minnesota
An organization dedicated to celebrating all things Dutch.
The NAAM is the club where typical Dutch and 'gezelligheid' mix to a warm blend of friendship. At our gatherings you can freely speak Dutch if you want to, although English (with an accent) is the main language. Our events often have a stand that sells real Dutch treats. It is always worthwhile to visit an event; each event has its own character, but each one is "gezellig". For all those who fee connected to the Netherlands, NAAM is there in Minnesota.